Software Localization

If you decided to localize your softrware product into Tajik language, then you found the best option to start with this website. Among the software localization we can localize your hardware products, instructions and other documentations - Hire our experience and up-to-date knowledge for your projects.

Translation services

If you need a high quality of Tajik translation for your Business plan, Project proposal, Contract form, Mailing correspondence with Tajik Government or just a Tajik translation of a very simple text, then you have almost reached your goal – Just contact the Project manager in a CONTACTS section for negotiations.

Quality Assurance

If you have a Project or just a simple text that involves Quality assurance for Tajik translations, or if you just want to make sure that everything was perfectly translated, then by having come here you found a reliable proofreader for your Tajik translations. We are to provide a high quality assurance for your ongoing Tajik translations.

Tajik KDE & Software Localization

Tajik KDE & Software Localization is a part of international technology team that localize software products for desktop and portable computing. Among KDE's products we localize computer operation systems and mobile software into Tajik language.

What is your OS?